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Re: GG Tim Page's "Music from the Road"

From: Megan, Anne and Ken <smithqa@nexicom.net>
To: Anne M. Marble <amarble@abs.net>; f_minor mailing list
Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2000 7:14 PM
Subject: Re: GG Tim Page's "Music from the Road"

> This book is new to me.  Please tell us more.

The full title is "Music from the Road: Views and Reviews 1978-1992." The
"views" include articles on Bernstein, Cage, Cliburn, Glass, Slatkin... The
"reviews" include reviews of Sweeney Todd, a John Cage piece, Pavarotti,
Irving Berlin, etc.

In the Glenn Gould essay, Tim Page remembers meeting Glenn Gould in August
1982, very shortly before Gould's death. Tim Page stayed in the
Inn-on-the-Park in Toronto. (GG himself pretty much lived in that hotel
instead of in his apartment.) GG insisted that he get a room on a low floor
(no higher than the third floor) because there had been a fire there years
before, and he didn't want one of his guests trapped. GG picked that hotel
as his home not-really-away-from-home because of the 24-hour room service.
I'm sure the hotel's waiters wondered who this guy who ordered dinner at
dawn was...

I haven't had time to read the other essays yet. Or even Tim Ppage's famous
GG interview.
Anne M. Marble