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Re: bradley and clavichord

At 11:12 AM 7/17/2000 -0700, Jim Morrison wrote:
for many links to samples of his clavichord playing.

...with engineering by professor John Hill. We "met" here in f_minor and then met in person when he rolled in with his equipment vehicle last summer. John got a taste of the "Quiet in the Land" (rural Mennonite) milieu here for a few days.

Breaks during sessions were spent listening to GG recordings and other
items of interest.  In honor of GG we consumed vast quantities of Starbucks
Javachip ice cream, the modern recreational equivalent of the
"double-double"* coffees from his recording sessions.  Arrowroots were of
course on hand, but Arizona plum tea substituted for the Poland water.  For
added authenticity, we ingested a Gouldian high-cholesterol meal at an
authentic 1950's diner.

(*Double cream, double sugar.)

No Mahler was sung to the cows, but clavichord was played to the cats.

Is this the first professional creative collaboration of f_minor members,
or have others of you got together offline (at other than a GG Gathering)
on projects?

Bradley Lehman
Dayton VA