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GG: Maureen Forrester/ NY Times article

Hello All,

F_minor's most avid snail mail member, Mary Lause' has sent on some
clippings that will be of interest to other f_minors.

Firstly, there is an article from Opera News' May 2002 edition.  In his
column "On the Beat" Brian Kellow passes on this sad news:

" 'I never cancel a performance because mentally, I've already spent the
fee,' Maureen Forrester told me in 1991, while she was in New York
appearing in Seiji Ozawa's concert performance of _Queen of Spades_ at
Carnegie Hall.  It's chilling to recall these words now: for the past
several years, the great Canadian contralto has been unable to work at
all, the victim of senile dementia.  To make matters worse, she has fallen
on hard financial times, having given away most of the money she made
throught her distinguished career.  Friends and fans who wish to help out
may send contributions to: The Maureen Forrester Trust Fund, C/O Melissa
Thompson, Royal Bank of Canada, 200 Bay Street Suite 600, South Tower,
Toronto, Ontario N5J2J5, Canada"

I would like to make it clear that I do not normally condone posting email
on f_minor in which financial contributions are solicited.  I have made an
exception in this case for several reasons. 1) Maureen Forrester's work
with Glenn Gould is a significant contribution to Gould's catalog and this
information is news-worthy to fans of both artists 2) The information is
coming from Opera News, a reputable media source.  I would caution
f_minors that I have no further information and anyone who is interested
in contributing should contact Ms. Thompson of the Royal Bank of Canada.

Mary has also sent me a clipping from the New York Times Sunday April 14,
2002 edition in which Paul Griffiths writes about the nature of music, its
potential soothing effects.  Gould and the Goldberg Variations are
mentioned throughout.

-Mary Jo Watts
listowner, f_minor

P.S. Thanks Mary!  It was great to hear from you. And I hope you are well.  I
was just thinking about you the other day.