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Maureen Forrester

I had a chance to hear the lady herself a couple days
ago, on the radio.  Seems as though the City of
Toronto has awarded her a small prize for being a
great artist, something like $1500 or around that
amount in C$.  Anyway, I heard a quick sound bite of
her talking and she was expressing her thanks and
gratitude for being recognized and she stressed that
the money was nice to have at this time of her life.

The point of me writing this is to underline that she
did not sound like a person who had lost her marbles
to dementia.  Not to my ears.  So, not having read the
news article that appeared in the States and that was
reported here, I don't know what to make of her mental
state.  Hard up for money she might be, but then
aren't we all?



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