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Re: romantic, adj. (a.) (b.) (c.) ...

Another cool, yet no less accurate, conjecture from the Elmer Elevator
man!  I like the way you think!  Cheers!


> Elmer Elevator wrote:
> I think this very interesting discussion is going to drift toward the
> unintentionally fuzzy and perpetually unresolved until somebody comes
> up with a good, solid, functional definition of "romantic."
> Some of us are talking about the body of classical music called
> Romantic. Some of us are talking about personality traits often
> labelled "romantic."
> In Gould, perhaps we have a brilliant musician whose personality was
> decidedly romantic, but who was primarily attracted to an un-Romantic
> or pre-Romantic repertoire. If there's a connection between the two
> definitions, perhaps he was most comfortable with Bach as an antidote
> to the romantic aspects of his personality he was powerless to
> control.
> As for his personality, anybody who chooses to take That Train to
> Hudson Bay to wander through an edge-of-the-world town infested with
> polar bears ... let me say from personal experience ... we're talking
> Personality Romantic big-time; That Train was lousy with fellow
> travellers, all raised in decidely un-romantic cultures and times, who
> had purposely given carte blanche to the Romantic in their souls.
> Anybody who can choose between the tropics, the temperate zone and the
> Arctic, and who finds himself lured into the Arctic, to a place that
> promises a chance to be devoured by the world's largest land carnivore
> ... well, that's where Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" concludes, in the
> Earth's most forbidding, austere, bleak -- and romantic -- landscape.
> Bob / Elmer
> P.S. Polar Bear Season in Churchill Ontario Canada is the cusp of
> September / October -- think very seriously about booking NOW for the
> Winnipeg-Churchill "Polar Bear Express."