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ALERT ALERT! GG Jock Carroll book available at Chapters in Canada

I was browsing the local Chapters in Ottawa yesterday, and they have vast quantities of the Jock Carroll book (large photos) in their "bargain" bin for $6.99 Canadian!
What a steal. I already own it, but if you don't, it's a gorgeous book, subject to a failed Supreme Court of Canada challenge by Stephen Posen (lawyer for GG's estate) to prevent it from being published. Anyway, it's a gorgeous addition to your collection. Quite a romantic book. Ooh, sorry! Can't use that word. It's very.... rectangular. Yeah, that's it.
P.S. Why does Elmer Elevator's web page have a section devoted to Mystery Science Theatre 3000? Is Elmer somehow IMPLYING that Glenn Gould LIKED MST3K? I have searched and searched the GG web site and I cannot FIND this ANYWHERE.
Thank you,
Frank Dean Dennowitz