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Original Jackets collection

Help, please help.
Are there any new recordings/masterings in the Original Jackets collection rip-off ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H box set released by Sony? In other words, if I was to buy that collection, would I need to run out and buy the re-releases of the Goldbergs, Partitas, etc.?
I've got a lot of the GG Edition stuff but I'm missing Partitas, Inventions, and most of the Toccatas. I don't want to buy them and then buy the Original Jackets collection, unless they're separate releases. Does that make any sense??? Probably not.
Also, if anyone can de-mystify the SuperAudio CD I see on Sony's web site, I'd appreciate it. I wonder what GG would think of this blatant marketing of his material...?