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Sorry for my late response to the CD rom question. The CD rom in the
Original Jacket Collection is part of the AOF disc. It contains all of GG's
organ recordings of AOF and has some video excerpts of Glenn Gould playing
AOF on the piano. It includes IIRC, the final fugue with the eerie fade out
at the end. It also lets the listener follow some of the AOF with the score
displayed on the screen. It used to play well on my old computer, but it
doesn't work so well with my new computer. The video works fine but the
sound is full of electronic static. I am not sure if this is due to my
system containing Windows ME or if it is a sound card incompatability. It is
quite interesting, but IMHO I am not sure it is worth the appx. 100.00 USD
price. Well I must go. I have an experiment running today and it needs my
attention. I have to earn my GG money somehow......

Cheers my friends,

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Eric Cline recently wrote:
"The Art of the Fugue CD rom included is interesting, although, I am
having problems with the sound on my new computer."

This is the first mention I've seen of this CD-ROM

Can anyone tell me something about this?

Where is it available?  What does it contain?  How is it different from The
New Listner CD-ROM?