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GG: new photo book in Sept.

Looks like the GG estate is countering the Jock C. with a photo book of
its own!

Glenn Gould : A Life in Pictures
by Estate of Glenn Gould
Foreword by Yo-Yo Ma
Introduction by Tim Page

The first photographic treatment of the life of Glenn Gould, this elegant
book includes a treasure trove of family photographs never before
published and rare photos from the CBC, Sony Classical, and the National
Library of Canada.

Glenn Gould (193282) burst like a meteor onto the world stage with his
1955 recording of Bachs Goldberg Variations. An eccentric genius who
played the piano like no one else before or since, Gould inspired
millions, and his recordings continue to sell in numbers unparalleled in
the classical music industry.

The Glenn Gould Estate, its literary advisor, Malcolm Lester, and
Doubleday Canada have created A Life in Pictures to celebrate the 70th
anniversary of Goulds birth. The Foreword is written by Yo-Yo Ma, who won
the Glenn Gould Prize in 1999. The Introduction, by Pulitzer Prize-winning
music critic Tim Page, music critic for the Washington Post, provides a
lively and insightful overview of Goulds life and art. Extensive captions
and quotes from Gould himself and other luminaries such as Herbert von
Karajan, Edward Said, Leonard Bernstein, and Yehudi Menuhin appear
throughout the book, which features more than 200 spectacular photographs.
The chronology highlights significant moments in his life and his art.

About the Author
Tim Page, the author of the Introduction, is a world-famous Gould expert
and Pulitzer Prize-winning music critic for the Washington Post. His
previous publications include The Glenn Gould Reader. He is one of the
jurors for the Glenn Gould Prize. Page lives in Washington, D.C.

Other books of interest:
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by Jens Hagestedt

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Northern Music is also avail. through Amazon US
As is the Grand Street
And Glenn Gould piano solo

In fact, most rare and out of print GG books are on sale through Amazon's
used book market place.

Anyone wish to comment on these books? Some we have discussed in the past
but how can you exhaust a book?

-Mary Jo