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Re: ALERT ALERT! GG Jock Carroll book available at Chapters in Ca nada

Hi there Nola,


Do you have the phone number that you called for Chapters? What was the total cost in USD including shipping? I am sure there are many who could benefit from this information.  I would buy a copy at this price.



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From: nola [mailto:nola@SIMPLYWEB.NET]
: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 3:26 PM
Subject: Re: ALERT ALERT! GG Jock Carroll book available at Chapters in Canada



  I called Chapters a few hours after you posted this last week.  They found a copy for me (perfect condition) in the bargain bin and after a day of packaging and weighing the parcel at their post office, it was waiting on my door step last night when I returned home from a week's trip.  What a beautiful book! (and an incredible price!).  Do you know the details/story of Posen's challenge to keep it from being published?

   Thanks for notifying us about this!

  Nola, San Diego, California

03:33 PM 06/03/2002 -0400, Frank Dean Dennowitz said something like:

I was browsing the local Chapters in Ottawa yesterday, and they have vast quantities of the Jock Carroll book (large photos) in their "bargain" bin for $6.99 Canadian!
What a steal. I already own it, but if you don't, it's a gorgeous book, subject to a failed Supreme Court of Canada challenge by Stephen Posen (lawyer for GG's estate) to prevent it from being published. Anyway, it's a gorgeous addition to your collection. Quite a romantic book. Ooh, sorry! Can't use that word. It's very.... rectangular. Yeah, that's it.
P.S. Why does Elmer Elevator's web page have a section devoted to Mystery Science Theatre 3000? Is Elmer somehow IMPLYING that Glenn Gould LIKED MST3K? I have searched and searched the GG web site and I cannot FIND this ANYWHERE.
Thank you,
Frank Dean Dennowitz