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He talked to Glenn Gould!!!!

Hey F Minors,
I just met someone who knew Glenn Gould!
I am hoping that someone on the list can do better and tell us he/she actually met GG.
One of my husband's customers is a jazz musician.  Ken told him I liked jazz so he gave him a CD for me.  He came to the shop today and I got him to autograph this and the other CDs I bought.
Back to the GG stuff.  Turns out my jazz man recorded at the same CBC studio as Glenn Gould.  GG had the studio booked from midnight to 5 A.M.  for a three week period. 
I was told that when Mr. Gould entered the building the jazz people were politely told their time was over.  As they were leaving the studio GG would ask them about their recording session.  Hands were not extended of course, merely a polite bow of the head. 
"He was treated with kid gloves.  CBC would do anything for him."  I could hardly keep from laughing when Rob said something like "As soon as they knew he was coming they turned up the heat!?!"