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Re: Just subscribed!

Thanks Karl! This will get me started.And actually the rcoding I have of
no.1 is with Leonard Bernstein.No.4&5 are with Golschmann.I'd like to get my
hands on tha concert tour recording.Sounds neat:)

From: Karl Berry <karl@FREEFRIENDS.ORG>
Reply-To: Karl Berry <karl@FREEFRIENDS.ORG>
Subject: Re: Just subscribed!
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 09:14:09 -0400

want to get some books on him.

Hi Anna, and welcome -

Here are some of the main books on GG:

Glenn Gould reader - articles by GG himself. Can't beat that.
Glenn Gould selected letters - just what it says.  Fascinating stuff.
Glenn Gould: a life and variations, by Otto Friedrich - the first
  full-scale biography and pretty good.
Glenn Gould variations (John McGreevy, ed.) - I think this was the first
  book to be published after GG died, and it's good. Reminisces from
  many people, articles, photos.

There are a number of others published in the years since, all of which
are interesting and worthy, but to get started ...

Also, there is a series of 18 or so one-hour videos (edited by Bruno
Monsaigneon) culled from his TV programs, etc.  They are excellent, if
necessarily fragmented.  The last three are complete programs that GG
did with BM on Bach, and they are superb.

And, if you haven't seen 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould, a feature
film from 1992 or so (by Francois Girard and Don McKellar), I highly
recommend it.

It was Bach's Keyboard Concertos No.1,4&5,

My memory is that this is the recording of #1 with Golschmann.  The live
recording of this piece from his concert tour in Russia is even more
amazing (IMHO) :).

Happy times with GG,

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