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Re: Goldberg Variations re-release

No, no, you're all wrong.

It is in fact, the 1955 recording spread out over 6 discs. There will be
5 Variations per CD, not counting the aria. This is the first half of
the release. The second half of the 6-CD set will be released later.

And on October 4th, the 70th anniversary of his death, they're going to
release the 8-CD set of the '81 Goldberg Variations. Mixed in will be a
previously unheard track of GG singing along with Petula Clark while
eating scrambled eggs (sorry, "scrambles").

Am I bitter about Sony's release process??? Not at all :-). But don't
leap to the assumption that it's going to be more than one version of
the Goldbergs! In 1991 I bought a single, 3-CD volume called the WTC
Books 1 and 2. That would be 24 fugues, 24 preludes, times the two books
= 96 glorious tracks of GG humming (and playing) the piano.. Now I find
a 2 volume 2-CD set from Sony covers only WTC Book 1!!!!!


But that's just me.


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Here is what I read on the Sony Classical website:

Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations 3 CD Set -- September 3
In honor of the 70th anniversary of pianist Glenn Gould's birth Sony
Classical is releasing a deluxe 3 CD set of The Complete Goldberg
Variations!! Come back soon for more information.

-- My guess is 55, 58 (Salzburg), and 81?

1954 CBC recording could be included, I guess.

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