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Re: Brahms Intermezzi from Heaven

I second this heartily  - heard his Brahms first on Harvard radio's GG
orgy recently and wonder if GG ever did Schubert


Dyfan Lewis
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Subject: Brahms Intermezzi from Heaven

Hey friends,

  just a quick thank you.  I recently read one of your postings praising
Gould's Brahms Intermezzi.  Despite priding myself on my collection of
Gould's recordings I realised to my shame that I had never heard these
recordings.  If truth be told, it was a classic case of comtempt prior
to investigation - Gould and Brahms?  I had heard his Brahms 1st
concerto wih Bernstein and was impressed (particularly with the last
movt) but had never got hold of the Intermezzi.  Anyway, yesterday I
popped down to Tower and bought the double cd and have been kicking
myself ever since for not having got these sooner.
   Just extraordinary, and a big contender for my favourite all time
Gould (along with Beethoven 1 and 4).  So thanks for pointing this out
to me.  I'm just disappointed he didn't record more Brahms (or Schumann
etc).  Imagine Gould playing the Handel variations and fugue, or the
Schumann C maj fantasie!

  All the best,