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Re: GG: slashing repeats

    one score with little ornaments (let's name the parts A1 B1 in this
    score) and one more with many of them (A2 B2, "Les agrements de la
    meme Sarabande" - can anyone translate it?)

It literally means `ornaments of the same sarabande', in native English
it would probably be something like `the same sarabande with ornaments'.

This is the only case in all of Bach's keyboard works (that I can think
of anyway) where Bach himself had a "minimal" version and an
"ornamented" versions.  Of course almost every
ms/autograph/print/whatever score has somewhat different ornaments than
any other for the same piece, but in this case I think both versions
circulated from the very beginning.

I've been playing through all the sarabandes for the last couple years
and really enjoying it.  Most of them I've never heard any version other
than GG's, so no doubt I've been extremely warped, but oh well :).