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Re: GG: Bach sarabande, and more on the repeats question

Hi Jorgen and other F Minors,

Yes, yes!!  This is a very interesting discussion.  Even though I agree with
Bradley that many Bach movements, espesially from the Suites, sound
unfinished without the repeats and lope sided AAB, I am all for
experimenting.  Herr Bach was a master at this.

Even though I like to hear a section repeated (differently) each time, we
can't dismiss Glenn Gould because he chose not to.  I still wish he had.

In my personal experience, the most interesting interpreters frequently
from tradition and the text.

This is what attracks many of us to GG.

Why make it  a question of right and wrong? A masterwork has much too much
offer, to be put into a scholar straight jacket. Again, discussions on
rules are always interesting and important.

Agreed, and isn't it fun to break rules now and then?

Too many of today's musical performers are bland and uninteresting.

Intesting point. I wonder if over-schooling is the problem. Like Jorgen, I think we need to understand the rules, but harmony, counterpoint and form rules do not make passionate performances.


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