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GG religious beliefs

Hello Anne,
what i found out is that GG respected the Bible; sometimes he said: <<the
Bible becomes alive by this Music>>(Bachs A-capella Madrigalchoirs).
He was never member of a church, but once he said to his tuner,(that
meanwhile became his friend; frequently they speek about everything they
could talk), he said that he fit nowhere, but "I am impressed by the
teachings and the way of life of the Mennoniten*. If a religious
municipality, then such!"

The menoniten(this is the german word, i don´t know if it is the same
in English) are the oldest free Evangelist Church. This movement
developed in 16. century from the "Taeuferbewegung"(something like
a baptizes-movement). The Baptizens wanted to stand as Christians of
age(german: "mündig", italiano:"non più minorenni, che sanno parlare)
in the follow-up Jesu and wanted so to find the way back to their
only as actually belivers(german: "gläubige", italian: "credenti").
Therefore they rejected the child baptism and they were baptezeid on knowing
what they are beliving in. Besides they refused the war service.
They live still today especially in Canada....they do not use
they live always in black-dress, they make still everything by hand, they
still as before one hundred years; they have no tractors for the farm
they think the simplest way to find God is the Best...
they help together, they have nearly always a family with more than 10
sons and daughters...they need them to work. :-O

Glenn Gould was interested also much in religious affairs

buon giorno

and i´m sure you know what
i´m speaking about, even my language is so bad....


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From: "Anne Chrystine" <glenn24p@HOTMAIL.COM>
Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 12:18 AM
Subject: Re: The thrill of GG

> I don't know if you can call it "mystical",but yeah that's kind of what I
> meant. As for GG's religious beliefs, the impression I get from the things
> that I've read(which hasn't been a whole lot yet) is that he didn't really
> believe in anything. Or you could say he accepted all religions. Check out
> the list of his books at Ex Libris. If I'm not mistaken there's buddhist
> books there,a book called "Science and Christ," a book on English
> Puritanism, books on philosophy,etc. I personally think he never made up
> mind.
>                    Anne C.
> >From: Arne Klindt <a.klindt@GMX.NET>
> >Reply-To: Arne Klindt <a.klindt@GMX.NET>
> >Subject: The thrill of GG
> >Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 20:52:38 +0200
> >
> >Before getting to know GG's recordings of Bach's music, I often found
> >myself wondering what polyphonic compositions were, and why I could not
> >: this is monophonic, this polyphonic music.
> >When I stumbled across the 81' Goldbergs (my Librarian said: I don't know
> >whether the CD is okay, there's a funny background noise, i think...) I
> >became instantly aware of the difference.
> >Gould's immaculate timing and the incredible variability in his
> >what's the word ah , touch works just like a stereo-expander:
> >The individual voices are clearly divided yet at the same time
> >integrated in a larger sound-"context" which is -again- different for
> >of the variations.
> >And now, some years after that, having heard not nearly all of his
> >recordings, I am still amazed at the self-confidence that Gould showed in
> >all of his artistic choices. I often get the feeling that the classical
> >music scene is a place where you either behave (i.e. do as the money of
> >recording companies wants you to) or get thrown out. Only very few people
> >have had the audacity to do only what their heart told them, I feel. And
> >oftentimes what most people see as a queer decision, like conducting
> >Wagner's "Siegfried-Idyll" at app. half the suggested speed, makes a
> >fantastic musical experience.
> >
> >Ad submersion via humming: I have canceled all my memberships in
> >music mailing-lists because i could not stand the continual fighting
> >hummophiles and hummophobics. Not a word in those discussions was
> >and yet you could not even send a double G without provoking them. (As
> >Elmer puts it: GROUP HUG!) I strongly believe that great art can only be
> >created by "unconscious" actions. That does not mean that I am a fan of
> >action-art and the-like, I just think that one needs to be oblivious of
> >everyday worries and cares to fuse with ones topic, sort of "mystical
> >unity". Is that what you meant, Anne Chrystine?
> >What about GG's religious/spiritual beliefs? Was that something so
> >personal, that there are no records on that??
> >
> >Somebody at sometime in the past mentioned he/she was doing research on
> >GG's timing and the correlation between humming and musical context. Are
> >there any results yet? (I SHOULD go to the archives, really.)
> >
> >
> >And finally:
> >I guess I would never have become as conscious of music without GG, and
> >that's the biggest compliment i guess i can give to an artist.
> >
> >Arne
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