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GG and Mennonites

Lorenzo wrote about Mennonites:

>The menoniten(this is the german word, i don4t know if it is the same in
>English) are the oldest free Evangelist Church. This movement developed
>in 16. century from the "Taeuferbewegung"(something like a
>baptizes-movement). The Baptizens wanted to stand as Christians of
>age(german: "m|ndig", italiano:"non piy minorenni, che sanno parlare) in
>the follow-up Jesu and wanted so to find the way back to their
>municipality only as actually belivers(german: "gldubige", italian:
>"credenti"). Therefore they rejected the child baptism and they were
>baptezeid on knowing what they are beliving in. Besides they refused the
>war service. They live still today especially in Canada....they do not
>use household-appliance, they live always in black-dress, they make still
>everything by hand, they live still as before one hundred years; they
>have no tractors for the farm work... blablabla they think the simplest
>way to find God is the Best... they help together, they have nearly
>always a family with more than 10 sons and daughters...they need them to
>work. :-O

I'll have some things to say about this when I get a chance (maybe later
this week?).  I'm a member of Mennonite Church USA myself, and live in an
area where most of my neighbors are Old Order Mennonite.  There's quite a
variety of people within that label "Mennonite," and the things you've
said above are true of *some* Mennonites.

Meanwhile, here's an article I wrote for _Mennonite Quarterly Review_ some
years ago: it's a review of Gould's "Quiet in the Land," part of his
"Solitude Trilogy."

[Mary Jo, when you get the chance, please remove the second link
"MennoLink Mennonite Information Center" from that page...it no longer
goes to there.]

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