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GG "Hamburg" music in the film

>This is the film in which GG receives a new LP while nursing a cold in
>dank and dreary-seeming Hamburg; his wish to have someone with whom to
>share the listening experience is fulfilled in a confused and exasperated
>cleaning lady, who though concerned about keeping her room-cleaning
>schedule submits to listen to a magnificent piece of music.  What is
>that music, and where can I find it?
>The piece of music is Beethoven's Allegro molto from Sonata No.13 in
>E-flat Major, Op.27, No.1
>You can find it on the "Thirty-Two Short Films" soundtrack CD.

I think that's a strange part of the "32".  We're obviously supposed to
think that it's Gould receiving his *own* recording of the piece while on
tour, and wanting to share it with the first person who comes along...a
nice scene.  And it's of course Gould's own recording in the soundtrack.

But Gould didn't record this sonata until near the end of his life, many
years after the concert touring was over.  And his recording of it wasn't
issued on LP (or in any other format) until after his death.  That's some
license on the part of the filmmakers!  They weren't trying to portray GG
in Hamburg as a ghost, were they?  :)

Imagine how the scene would have been if they'd used, say, one of the
Brahms intermezzi (released 1961).  Pity the housekeeper who would be
overcome, and swoon....  Plus it would be doubly appropriate, since Brahms
was from Hamburg.  (No, we wouldn't have Gould walk over to her and greet
her, "Ich bin ein Hamburger!")

Good scene, anyway.

Did GG ever play concerts in Hamburg?  I didn't see any Hamburg listing in
the catalogue in the back of Friedrich's book.

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