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Re: Re pianist Angela Hewitt

I was fortunate to see heard in concert playing the entire WTC Books 1 and 2.   Completely unlike Gould.  I have only her recording of the WTC, some of which is very, very good.   Her WTC is highly "nuanced," for want of a better term, perhaps too controlled or preconceived for my taste.   Gould's WTC is sometimes playful, sometimes serious, always analytical.
WTC 1 part 2: http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/190/the_welltempered_clavier_bk_1_.html
WTC 1 part 1: http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/244/bach_welltempered_clavier_bk_1.html
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Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 4:52 PM
Subject: Re pianist Angela Hewitt

I had not heard of this pianist before.  I looked her up on the Internet, and she certainly is a hard-working person with a big repertoire.  To those who have heard her, what is her style for Bach, and how would you find she performs compared to GG?