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Ingrid Haebler

I would say if there was a pianist who plays in a way that is very
reminiscent of Gould, it would probably be Ingrid Haebler. This is not
necessarily a compliment because if a pianist plays in a way which is
reminded of another pianist... then which pianist would the listener be
thinking about when the music is being played?!  Very confusing, indeed.

But whenever I listen to Ingrid Haebler, I'm incredibly moved by her
performances. At the same time I would hear the very minimal rubato, a fair
amount of staccato playing, which makes me think of Gould.

Ingrid Haebler is a pianist who was in the Philips "Greatest pianist of the
20th Century" set, but the recordings in her set really is not a fair
reflection of her artistry. She has recorded the entire cycle of piano
sonatas and concertos of Mozart, as well as the complete sonatas of Schubert.

So I would be interested in what the members of the digest thinks of Ingrid
Haebler. If any reader has never heard of this pianist, please give her
recordings a chance. I would recommend her Mozart sonatas, and if you're
lucky, the Schubert sonatas.

Her interpretation of the Mozart a-minor sonata (either Philips or Denon) is
a sparkling gem, and the last Schubert sonata in Bflat-major is one of the
most moving recordings that I have ever heard.