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Glenn Gould Cadenza of First Beethoven Piano Concerto

Hi to everybody,
I'm Lorenzo, an italian pianist. I have joint the mailing list only 
yesterday, so I don't know nobody.
First of all, I'm sorry for my english. I don't speak very well.
I have one question for all the people.
Do you know if exist a copy of the Glenn Gould "cadenza" of the 
Beethoven's First Piano Concerto?
May be I have to play this concert next year, and I like very much this 
cadenza. Unfortunately, in Italy nobody don't have this piece.
I have the cd of the 5 Beethoven's Piano Concertos and for the First 
the cadenza's are made by Glenn Gould. So, I know the Cadenza only by 
this recording.
If someone have some informations, please tell me (it's better if in 
Italian or French...)!
Thank you very much.