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Hello everyone!
          I just got back from my vacation. Right before I left, I had
intended to sign off the list so my in-box wouldn't get filled. I
forgot,though, so you can imagine my surprise when I found 57 messages
waiting for me:) Very interesting conversation.
           While I was gone I bought the Brahms Intermezzi(gg of course)
and they are superb! Absolutely beautiful. I don't really think they're
sexy, though......but anyways..........
            I was reading in the archives a while ago and came across a
post in which someone said that once when they where playing they thought
they heard Glenn's humming. I don't remember who it was but they said they
only heard it once while playing a Clementi Sonatina. This happens to me all
the time! Especially when I just get a new GG recording and listen to it
about a billion times. I usually have at least one humming episode a day,
just little snatches of phrases, the way you hear it in the recordigs
sometimes. It's just sort of peripheral, in an auditoy way, and when I stop
to listen to it, it disappears. Does this happen to anyone else? I'd kind of
like to think that maybe this is Glenn's way of teaching me,
"............yes, now lift the phrase here like so...more tone, staccatto!"
Then again, maybe I'm just going crazy!

Anne C.

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