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GG and the Brandenburgs?

I'm confused about GG's recording of the BWV1050, the 5th Brandenburg concerto.

At first I read somewhere he was playing piano in the concerto (instead of the
harpsichord). But  http://glenn.fdnet.com.au shows he was instead conducting it.

This leads me to the following questions:
1) did anyone at all dare to play the piano in the Brandenburgs?
2) how come GG allowed someone else to play the harpsichord in the 5th
Brandenburg and conducted instead?
3) what is your impression about the rendition? (I haven't heard it myself but I
somehow doubt it'd be a marvel, especially for my current Goebel-Pinnock taste)

Juozas Rimas Jr (not the one playing)
http://www.mp3.com/juozasrimas (oboe, piano, strings)