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Overdubbing in the Lizst transcription of Beethoven's Symphony No.5

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Hello to all. Re-reading the liner notes to the above-mentioned Sony CD, it mentions that Our Hero (as Bradley puts it, or should that be Our Last Hero?) overdubbed some of the "final pages" of the 4th movement in order to make the sound cleaner.
Can anyone who has this CD and is knowledgeable about these things post the exact timings as to when these passages occur? I would like to be able to hear for myself where this occurs (I have my guesses, but I won't embarass myself by listing them here). I think that's a really creative way of achieving a better sound (these transcriptions are fantastic, IMHO. Although I don't have the complete 6th symphony transcription on the other Sony CD, how does that compare to the 1st mvmt on this CD?).
Many thanks!