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Re: tek kweschun

Danke Karl! I didn't know you were the Resident Tek Guru!

I've had good luck using external search engines for resurrecting old
f_minor stuff, but that's a very good tip!

Do you think any particular Big Search Engine is likely to be more
successful with old  f_minor stuff than any other? AltaVista better than
Google, etc?


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From: Karl Berry <karl@freefriends.org>
To: bobmer.javanet@RCN.COM <bobmer.javanet@RCN.COM>
Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: tek kweschun

>    Does f_minor have its own search engine? How do I access it?
>I haven't yet reimplemented searching on the f_minor mail archives after
>they (and I) moved to a new host.  Maybe in the not-too-distant future ...
>It might work to tell google +glenngould.org, as in
>  brandenburg +glenngould.org
>although it won't be totally up to date.