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[F_minor] RE: Schuyler Chapin

Here at F minor, the longest running site for conversation, information, education and/or an understandable adulation (in spite of Sheriff Lehman's stern warnings) of Glenn Gould's Baroque Break-out (or Break-in in my opinion), Beethoven Bonanza, Moveover Mozart and so much more, not one other member has taken a moment to mention the death of Schuyler Chapin (Columbia Masterworks) without whose gorgeous personality and old soul both Gould's professional life and personal life would have been somewhat diminished in a myriad of ways that only the two men I've mentioned here could elaborate on but never ever would. The Brahms? The Brahms. Chime in please, let's hear it.

Hail and farewell Schuyler Chapin. The end of an era.

Name me one, just one-such semblable, at Sony Classical...

Mary Jensen   

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