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[F_minor] A new book


  I came across the following some time ago, I haven't seen a copy myself. 
This is the same author of "Struggling for Perfection: The Story of Glenn Gould"

Gazelle Book Services Limited.
White Cross Mills, Hightown, LANCASTER LA1 4XS, United Kingdom.

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Title:Glenn Gould
 : Musical Force
Author:Vladimir Konieczny
ISBN:1550028197 : 9781550028195
Published:Dundurn Press - December 2008
List Price: 8.99 Pounds Sterling
Availability:In Print
Subjects:Biography & autobiography: film, TV, music, theatr: Composers & musicians

Glenn Gould (1932-1982) was a prodigy who loathed the word, a
brilliant pianist who disliked performing, and a public figure who
craved solitude. With his recording of the Goldberg Variations by J.S.
Bach, Gould became an international celebrity. Gould's unusual
interpretations, quirky stage mannerisms, and teasingly contrarian
pronouncements fascinated and annoyed audiences and critics. He gave
concerts in Canada, the United States, and abroad for several years. To
everyone's disbelief, he quit the concert stage just a few months short
of his thirty-second birthday and immersed himself in his true love:
the recording studio.

M. Jensen 

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