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Re: [F_minor] Stefy molta bella 25 settembre

Grazie Mary! :)
Below some other "divertissement" on the same letters-playing "theme"...and I'll be glad to do other samples according to the community inputs, suggestions and hints... :)





(the partiture on the back is "so you want to write a fugue?")


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Subject: [F_minor] Stefy molta bella 25 settembre

ciao Stefy, you almost got lost in the shuffle. What do you mean "a rough idea"?? (I'm playing with words here). Your design is refined and restrained: a paragon of good taste. Dessert in Milano on any agosto sera: a perfect, ripe, white peach with shards of perfect parmigiano reggiano and a flute of spumante. Little green and black packets of "Esportazione" on the table, no cell phones anywhere and Gould's "Consort of Musicke" until 04:00. Will you send in more of your design?? Prego.

Mary Jensen