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Gravesite confusion

Hello--this may be a duplicate message--forgive me if so.

I just came back from Toronto (I am from Austin, Texas) and after a long,
cold search I found Glenn Gould's grave in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetary. (I am
a big fan, too.) I was puzzled by the fact that the grave had a large mound
of dirt on top of it, partially obscuring the gravestone and Glenn's name.

Do you know if Russell Gould, Glenn's father, just died? Perhaps another
relative just died? Those are my best guesses as to why there was a mound
of dirt (similar to other new graves) on a grave for Glenn and his mother
(who died in 1982 and 1975 respectively).

Thanks for you help on this.

My e-mail is hilde@uts.cc.utexas.edu


David L. Hildebrand
University of Texas at Austin