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Re: GG and Toronto Symphony

At 02:08 3/4/1996 -0500, HerbertDo@aol.com wrote:

>The other afternoon on station KDFC in San Francisco I heard a recording of
>GG directing the Toronto Symphony in Wagner's Siegfried Idyl.  I had not
>realized that he had a career as a conductor before.  It was an excellent

The 1982 recording of "Siegfried Idyll" (now on Sony SK 46279; with the
Wagner transcriptions) was aparently Gould's first & last recording as
conductor; although the liner-note writer (Benjamin Folkman) mentions that
GG did do some conducting earlier in his career (it isn't clear whether
Folkman is referring to conducting from the keyboard or baton-conducting).
Apparently, there were also plans for multitracked concerti with GG
(conductor) accompanying GG (pianist); but these plans were never realised
due to GG's early death.

Robert Clements