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Re: GG-Concert Dropout Lp

Dear John,
	I too am a vinyl enthusiast and just recently began to collect GG 
on vinyl.  The best advice I can give you may not be of much help.  The 
best luck I have had has been in record shops in Canada.  If you can get 
across the border, I suggest you do.  Dr. Disk in Kitchener was 
absolutely my best score, and they tell me their store in London is even 
better.  Other than that, regularly check the new bins in any good used 
record store in your neighborhood.  In my experience, there is a fair 
turnaround in GG albums, and you are more likely to find stuff there than 
organized by performer or composer.  If you can, and if they are willing, 
I would suggest asking the best record store you know to notify you 
whenever they by any of his records.  Most records stores I have dealt 
with are very nice about this sort of thing.  That would allow you to 
avoid being beaten to the new purchase without having to check all the 
time.  Good luck in your search.

Janet T. O'Keefe

"Some of us are cursed with brains like fly paper.  Stuck to it is an 
enormous amount of miscellaneous information - most of it useless."