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Re: GG - My Foolish Heart

	I agree with you about the lack of intensity in the playing, and 
considering the "Jamal Records", I suppose it makes no sense to consider 
GG as a candidate. But as far as the intensity is concerned, it strikes 
me that a contrived performance would have been precisely GG's intention 
in that particular scene. 
	Consider the context. One of the Mennonites says that under the 
old rules, "we were not supposed to go into cafes", and the peice slips 
immediately into a cafe-like atmosphere.  It seems to me that the manner 
in which GG spliced the conversations together suggests that he was 
attempting to point out inconsistencies and hypocrisies at every turn.  
Placing the members in a cafe to discuss their ideals, backed by an 
unconvincing, contrived performance of 'My Foolish Heart' strikes me as a 
perfect example of GG's wit.
	Furthermore, it would not seem a bit odd to me (of course, were 
it not for the record credit) to think that GG may have thought to 
quickly dish out a rendition of the peice to go along with his 
conception, or that he would have done this in a passionless, dry manner 
(much as he admits was his behavior in the recording of Mozart's K. 570, 
for instance).  I think its fair to say that for every peice Gould 
recorded with the intensity of a Brahms "intermezzo", he recorded a peice 
at which he basically stuck out his tongue. To be honest, it was the 
stilted style which at first aroused my suspicions.....