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>>>Writing from deep in the alfalfa fields of central new mexico visiting my
friend and gifted pianist,cynthia crowder. A day that turned out to be a
turning point.  Spoiled rotten by blue skies and warm sun,clouds covering
the landscape forced us to tan in front of the video machine.  Little did we
know how healthy we'd become.  Two Glenn Gould documentaries led to hours of
discussion on every musical merit but as evening descended and we sensed our
solitude, my friend began to play the Brahms'Intermezzi.  The passion and
romance were thrown about like strands of pearls - lucid, clean,
straightforward, a miracle.  Then she played the gould version of the music
and I think for the first time the man became a human.  The notes under my
friend's fingers and gould's same ingenuous manner made me lie on the floor
and stare into a remarkable darkness.  Some days turn on different
directions and the quiet shadow of those clouds will make me think of Wawa