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Re: GG - My Foolish Heart (fwd)

I forwarded the discussion of My Foolish Heart to the only expert I know, 
my brother the Jazz piano fanatic.  This is the response he sent.  I hope 
it helps, though I know it's not conclusive.

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Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 11:26:16 -0700
From: Steve O'Keefe <okeefe@olympus.net>
To: Janet O'Keefe <jokeefe@wahoo.sjsu.edu>
Subject: Re: GG - My Foolish Heart (fwd)


It's just a guess, but I wouldn't be surprised if "Jamal Records" is the
publishing company for Ahmad Jamal. Ahmad Jamal was a very influential jazz
pianist in the 1950s who worked mostly in the Chicago area. He was known
for his open, spacious sound. He was a huge influence on Miles Davis. Miles
used to insist that his pianists play like Ahmad. This all happened around
the time Bill Evans joined Davis' band (1958). So, without listening to the
Gould soundtrack, I'm guessing that it's Ahmad Jamal playing "My Foolish

All the Best,

>Dear Steve,
>        To my surprise, my Glenn Gould listserv has crossed over into
>your area of expertise, that is Bill Evans.  I forward the following to
>you in hopes you can answer the question about Jamal records.
>Janet T. O'Keefe
>"Some of us are cursed with brothers with sarcastic streaks.
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>Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 12:37:24 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Bradley P Lehman <bpl@umich.edu>
>To: Josh Randall <joshr@tiac.net>
>Cc: f_minor@gandalf.rutgers.edu
>Subject: Re: GG - My Foolish Heart
>On Sat, 6 Apr 1996, Josh Randall wrote:
>> JeremyFrom: stephan@whoville.ucsd.edu asked:
>>         >> Does anyone know who is playing the piano in the "cafe" segment
>>         >> of "The Quiet in the Land"...? There is no credit given in the
>>         >> booklet other than that the peice is "My Foolish Heart".
>> I haven't heard _Quiet In The Land_ but, remembering that recently someone
>> commented here on Gould's appreciation of the great jazz pianist Bill
>> Evans, I wonder if it might be him. If you'd like to research further,
>> check out _My Foolish Heart_, the first cut on the Bill Evans Trio's album
>> _Waltz for Debby_. Original Jazz Classics CD 210-2, a re-issue of the
>> original classic Riverside LP from 1961.
>I'm pretty sure that that's not the recording Gould used; I have both, and
>neither sounds familiar from hearing the other.  But I'll do an A/B
>comparison to make sure.  Good idea.
>The Solitude Trilogy's booklet actually says:
>"My Foolish Heart", composed by Ned Washington and Victor Young, Published
>by Anne Rachel Music, released by Jamal Records.  (And it says the same in
>French and German.)
>Anybody know who recorded on Jamal Records?  Was it Washington and/or
>Young themselves?