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Re: GG: Alvarez&Brendel; levels of artistic interest

	I am currently taking a class on the music of Bach, and I think 
that if Bach were alive today, he would be delighted to see how many 
different instruments are used to play his music. Many pieces he wrote 
in open score, where the instruments could have been strings, 
keyboards... anything. He himself frequently arranged the music of other 
composers for keyboard, even if it wasn't originally for keyboard. So, 
I'm sure that he would not have cared if the Little Fugue in g minor was 
played on the organ, or a choir of harmonicas. In the baroque era, 
transcribing another persons work was seen as the highest form of 
flattery.... so Bach would be THRILLED to see what some musicians have 
done with his music.



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Ryan Anderson
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