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Tillich AND Kierkegaard

As one of you correctly noted, Kierkegaard was not an existentialist 
philosopher. Indeed, he was a precursor to it. In the same Esquire 
interview, GG said he also read Tillich. And it was P. Tillich, the 
theologian, who attempted to synthesize Christianity and classical and 
modern existentialist philosophy. Hence, the references I made to both 
these topics in my previous mailing. Still, no one has sent any sources 
connecting GG and SK. Now, I have added the name of Paul Tillich.
GG was a rare bird. Consider what Artur Rubinstein, another musician 
who was famous for his knowledge of subjects outside of music (his 
phenomenal memory included names, dates, and lineages of European royalty 
for past centuries), once said about a colleague. R. and Jascha Heifetz often 
collaborated on recordings, and apparently H. could not engage in 
stimulating repartee with R., because, as R. said, "the only book H. ever 
read was the PHONE BOOK."