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Re: GG: Art of Fugue

On Thu, 18 Apr 1996, Bradley P Lehman wrote:

> Jordi Savall/Hesperion XX (four viols, four Renaissance winds)
> Gustav Leonhardt, the dhm recording (not the early Vanguard one)
> Berlin Saxophone Quartet
> Herbert Tachezi, organ
> Musica Antiqua Koln, solo strings and harpsichords
> Marriner/Academy of SMF, chamber orchestra/harpsichords

	Well.... actually some of these are among the ones I have found. 
I'm supposed to look through music journals and pick out ones with good 
reviews, and then cite the reviews, though. Thanks for the input though! 
It'll be a big help. I spent about 6 hours last night reading through 
back issues of "Notes" finding recordings mentioned in there... and I had 
to go all the way back to the mid 70's to find enough of the Musical 
Offering. But I had a couple pages on Art of the Fugue.

> Keep in mind that the Art of Fugue is first and foremost a *harpsichord*
> piece. 

	But, wasn't the Goldberg Variations meant for harpsichord too? 
I'm sure you've hard Gould's interpretations of THAT piece. Thanks to 
listening to that recording, I will never say again that a piece must be 
played in it's original instrumentation. The way he makes those notes 
sing was just amazing. Especially the Adagio variation.... 
#20something.... it sounded more like Chopin when he played it. All that 

	Well, thanks for the help!! It's much appreciated.



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