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Re: GG: AOF Recordings

> > 	There were also other recordings that got bad reviews (according 
> > to NOTES) and I just went for the recordings with good reviews.
> That's *really* dangerous.  Why trust reviewers?  Some reviewers are way
> off base; a lot depends on what they want to hear, with preconceived
> judgment about the way they think something should go.  In my opinion,
> it's more important to know *why* a particular reviewer didn't like an
> album, than simply to dismiss the album as bad.  Consequently, it's best
> to look up all the reviews.  (And sometimes the best recordings of all are
> never reviewed...again introducing an unfortunate bias against them.)
> Also, to be thorough, don't limit yourself to reviews written in
> English.... 
> The music is more important than any review about it.  (But maybe that
> doesn't make much sense anymore in a culture where the significance of an
> event or sports contest lives more in the written and oral rehashing than
> in the moment itself.)
> > 	If there are others you'd like to add to my list, feel free!
> I'll compile a list of the ones I have.  Your list seems to be a
> reasonable start. 

	Well, as my project is due in less than a week, I decided to 
limit my search to those reviews which were supposedly "good." I know 
that what is "good" is extremely relative, and that some reviewers might 
have the same opinion on a piece as others. But, unfortunately I'm under 
taht time constraint thing, so I have to pretend that reviewers are 
omniscient, and trust that they are always right. 

	Waiting for that list...



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