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GG:Beautiful Girls

It's suggested elsewhere that Roxana R. and GG were involved-- I think in the
Kazdin though the impression he gives is that GG's realtionship with
Foss was much more obvious, and that GG was truly smitten with her for
many years.  The _People_ piece backs that up-- (THANK YOU Michelle K!)
as Jay Leno says "if it's in _People_, it *must* be true ;).

I'm pretty good in a library but I found only a few things about Foss.
See _Art in America_ June 1989 for a review of one of her shows and a
reproduction of one of her paintings, "Very Hot August Day."  _Art
News_ Oct 84, p. 80 has another review of a New York show and a
reproduction of "Emma with Paint Can."

An excerpt from the latter article:

"There is 'Emma with Paint Can,'(1984), an undemanding muse lost
among, yet perfectly at home with, pain cans, vases of flowers and a
naturalistically rendered cloth falling over a board.  Something is
missing here-- an American Puritanism-- and something else is
present-- a European delectation in light and form and figure..."

See _Art in America_ April 1986, p. 122 for a repro of a Foss
landscape and _AiA_ May 84 p. 64 for another Foss nude with a
bike. _Art and Artists_ Dec. 84 p33 has a piece on a Foss exhibit with
an illustration but it was mis-bound in the art library and I couldn't
find a copy.  

Both pieces I found were written by Gerrit Henry.  From 1989:

"Foss (in her 50s, is a card-carrying Manhattan/Hamptons painterly
realist, like Fairfield Porter, Jane Freilicher, and Robert Dash
before her..."

In my humble (not so!) opinion, her colors are beautiful...

-Mary Jo