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Recently Ive taken quite a liking to Schubert's Impromptus after a friend left in my possession a cd of such with Jeno Jando as the pianist. Ive heard most of them before at one time or another but never all at once where the material was left to really soak in and get a strong hold over me. Now, however Im completely under their power for the time being and its proven useless to resist. In any case, does anyone know if Gould has recorded any of these? I know he recorded some Mendelssohn, but was largely apathetic with the romantics. I stopped at tower records today (which is the dominant music retail chain in the New York area) and they had nothing in stock or in their database. I also checked at www.music.sony.com. They Had a bunch of great stuff and recording information, but nothing on schubert.

If not, can anyone suggest a recording of which they are particularly fond? I dont care for Brendel however, so rule him out. Anyone heard the Ashkenazy or Perahia recordings?