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gg:harpsichord playing

My first encounters with the harpsichord were through the rapturous playing
of Lurch, on _The Addams Family_.  Lurch was a Gouldian ecstatic.  Watch
his face.  His performances did sound very much like skeletons copulating
on a tin roof in a hailstorm, and were almost as thrilling to watch and
hear as that performance would certainly be.  

The connection didn't occur to me until Tuesday night.  My wife teaches a
night class for a community college and I lent her the video of Gould's
performance with Yehudi Menuhin of the Schoenberg sonata.  According to
her report the students didn't care for the music but were pleased with Gould
himself, who reminded them of Lurch.

Jim Whorton
in Tennessee, US