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The Well-Tempered Clavier Book 2

Hi everyone,

I am Albert Wang, who is a student at vanderbilt university. I major in English,and Molecular Biology and minor in chemistry. Since I was formally a classical-
ly trained pianist and violinist at one time, I have been interested in Glenn
Gould as a pianist since 1.5 years ago. Of course, I have listened to many of
his recordings but only recently procured a copy of my first CD of his works-
The Well-Tempered Clavier book 2.
I have read the liner notes for the disc and the guy who wrote it said that
Glenn Gould was not as interested in playing the Book 2 pieces as creatively
as the Book 1 pieces. I couldn't find an explanation and would be willing
to find an answer to this rather puzzling question! This would be unusual
because I always thought that Gould loved Bach very much!
I also saw 32 Short Films about GG 2 years ago. I still remember the movie very
much strangely enough, because my memory is usually short-circuited!

Albert Wang