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Re: GG: Jazz

"Actually, Gould may have known Bud Powell's records because on the Verve box
set, there is an implication that Gould's method influenced bebop styles?


This is highly unlikely.  Bebop strictly speaking began in the early 1940s
and is usually extended to the mid-1950s, when it separated into the West
Coast or Cool school and the Hard-bop style.  GG just was not in the age
group to have influenced the beboppers.  The main piano influences on bebop
was one of its founders Thelonius Monk, and Art Tatum, etc.  Bud Powell began
playing professionally in the late 1940s.  It is possible that later Powell
heard GG, Powell died in 1966.  Nonetheless, it is impossible for GG to have
influenced early boppers given that GG's first recording was in 1955.

Tobyn DeMarco