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GG: The magazine

The new edition of _GlennGould_ arrived today in my mailbox.  The articles
within include:

"Forgery and Imitation in the Creative Process" by GG
a CBC radio script from 1978 by GG from _From the Masters_, a radio series
An essay on GG's arrangement of the Prelude from Handel's Suite for
	Harpsichord in A Major and GG's "score" for the piece in facsimile
GG on Fartein Valen
A Portrait of GG by Yousef Karsh
an Obit for GG's father Russell Herbert Gould
"The Language of Music in the Twenty-first Century: Gould as Precursor of
	Post-Modernism" by Jean-Jacques Nattiez
An article on the 1996 GG Prize winner, Toru Takemitsu
A Review of 32 Short Films by Kevin Bazzana, the mag editor
Info about the SF symposium on GG which included papers about GG's hands (!)
	and his ailments, etc..

The Back issues of _GG_ will appear on the Sony WWW site in the future...

-Mary Jo