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Gould in the cinema -- and museum

 Gabriel writes:
A few days ago, I was in a big cinema on the Champs-Elysees,
I had to wait for ten minuts before the film.
....Then, I heard they played the Goldberg Variations, GG,1955!

 I had a similar experience in Montreal (is this a French thing, like
Jerry Lewis?) a few summers ago. I was visiting the major art museum there
and came to a darkened room where people were sitting watching a television
monitor showing old silent documentary footage. Coming over the loudspeakers
was the 1980s recording of the Goldberg Variations. As far as I could tell,
the rest of the exhibit had nothing to do with Gould, it seemed that the
music had just been chosen because they wanted people to have something to
listen to while watching old movies of soldiers marching, flying contraptions,
orators addressing crowds, etc.. Is Gould becoming some sort of upscale Muzak?

  Stephan Hamann