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GG:QitL and philosophy

I was listening to _The Quiet in the Land_ the other day and I was reminded
that Marcelle awhile back asked about any connection between GG and
Kierkegaard-- well one of the main speakers mentions SK after the discussion
of the role of art in Mennonite life, and one speaker's interest in the 12
tone system.  Certainly GG would have been familiar with SK if he were to use
the reference (especially considering he had miles of taped interviews to
choose from for the piece.)  

[A bit of useless _Quiet in the Land_ trivia: around 46:17 on the counter
you can hear GG laugh at one of the speaker's comments-- I'm sure it
couldn't be edited out because the speaker kept talking over GG's
amused response.]

Of course William James plays a big role in _The Idea of North_.
Gould read Adorno's _Prisms_ and presumably Eliade's _The Myth of the
Eternal Return_ (the former is in his annotated library, the latter is
in his unannotated library at the National Library of Canada.)

-Mary Jo