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Re: GG and Scarlatti

>In message <199608220743.AA13665@lafn.org>, Eugene Selig
><aq094@lafn.org> writes
>> I would like to
>>propose that the real reason he discarded S. from his repertory may be
>>linked to the fact that Horowitz made that composer his own early on. H.
>Yes, this may well be true. However there's not much counterpoint in
>Scarlatti is there ? That would be another reason.

Would GG would really have refrained from playing Scarlatti because of
Horowitz? Witness GG's (IMO magnificent) recordings of the Prokofiev 7th &
Scriabin 3rd -- direct challenges to Horowitz's 'owning' of these works. I
tend to think the etude-like virtuoso character of Scarlatti (as pointed
out by Eugene Selig earlier) is a more likely reason. (Though of course
it's great stuff!)

Rick Ratowsky


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