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Hi, fellow f_minors,

Mary Jo recently asked for some of us that are lurking out there to
introduce ourselves and to explain our interest in Glenn Gould. 

I am an 53 year old Dutchman, living in Switzerland since 1981. I had
been vaguely aware of GG, but only started to be really interested after
some German TV stations started to bring out some programs about GG.
They were called "Genius and Exctasy". 

Then, to my surprise, a one year long series was broadcasted on Swiss
radio: It was called "Glenn Gould Gesamt" and featured 50 weeks of a 85
minutes broadcast that played everything that GG ever recorded. I was
lucky enough to be able to listen to each broadcast and got hooked

This series of radio transmissions was authored by Mr. Michael
Stegemann, and was also transmitted in Germany. Much later, I managed to
get a copy of Mr. Stegenmann's excellent biography on GG. The only thing
that I found missing, was an addendum that would contain GG's quotes in
English. The translation sometimes does seem to loose some flavour.

Speaking of languages: I was very surprised to find a 30-minute talk by
GG on the local soundtrack CD of the 32 short films. How on earth is it
possible, I thought, that a Canadian who has not spent much time in
school (half days tuititoning) would be able to give an excellent exposi
on Bach and the art of Fugue in German????

My CD collection is slowly growing. My latest addition is the Images CD.
This CD was given the title "CD of the Month" by the Society of Dutch
Record distributors in September. After hearing the Beethoven Nr.5
concerto part on this CD I have now ordered the complete Beethoven
concertos CD.

Until now, I have not yet found to much sympathy for the more modern
works like Berg, Schoenberg and Hindemith. This may come in time

I did however, in one of my previous activities, once have the pleasure
of meeting Mr. Paul Hindemith. I was at that time working as a Maitre'd
on the SS. Nieuw Amsterdam of the Holland America Line. Mr. Hindemith
was my guest in the restaurant for 7 days in 1961. He was travelling
incognito from New York to Rotterdam under the name of Dr. Paul. All the
staff was of course strictly forbidden to talk directly to Dr. Paul
about music or similar. I do remember him however as a very pleasant
guest who seemed to enjoy his trip. 

Well, That is all for now. 

Aart Smits
ASB, Aart Smits Beratung
Phone: +41-61-4010368  Fax: +41-61-4010327
E-mail: smits@nethos.ch