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Re: GG: Bunin

I apologize to you for my late post to this subject.

Stanislav Bunin is 
the winner of 
	:Concours International de Piano 
		et Violin Marquerite Long-Jacques Thibaud in 1983
	:11th International F.Chopin Piano Competition in 1985.

He is the groundson of G.Neygaus(he is the teacher of S.Richer 
						and E.Gilels),
	the son of S.Neygaus(he is the teacher of R.Lupu),
and maybe lives in Germany, now.
He recorded some tunes of Chopin at the Deutche Grammophon.
And I think he also recorded Chopin concerto No.2 op.21 at EMI.
But I don't know these CD numbers, sorry.
You can know a little more about him at either of URL.



Taku Fujita

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997 23:21:10 +0000
Alun Severn <alun@ukiah.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> Friends,
> Does anyone know anything about Stanislav Bunin? I just picked up an EMI
> compilation CD of him playing Ital. Conc., one Partita, one Eng Suite, a
> number of Kempf transcriptions. Actually rather good -- the Ital. Conc
> especially. Rather fast and light sound, little sustain, a good tone.
> Interesting.
> - Alun
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